Who Is “The Blue Jean Committee”?

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are two of my favorite comedians. I’ve liked pretty much everything these guys have done. And now they’ve teamed up to do a show full of fake documentary style shorts. I highly recommend the whole show (you can find it on Netflix and Youtube) but the coup de gras of the series is the two part season finale. The guys play founding members of an iconic (yet fake) 70’s band called “The Blue Jean Committee”. It’s one of those things where you find yourself laughing because it’s so absurd and seemingly plausible. The music actually holds up too. If you didn’t know anything about music history or these comedians you would believe the story. They’ve released an EP and went on some talk shows to play their “old songs”, haha. This has been out for 8 months or so and I figured I’d share it because it hasn’t gotten much press.

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