My Favorite TV Shows

I’m posting this list because I forget about shows after a while and I’ve been keeping a private list in Evernote for a few years so I can remember what I’m watching and when the new season comes out. Might as well make it public and if people have similar taste maybe they’ll find some stuff they like. Also, it’d be cool if I eventually get some suggestions about stuff I might like as well. I make less time now than I used to to watch stuff, but I do like to binge and really plow through a season or two when I have a long weekend or when my wife and I go on vacation. The way I watch is so different than it used to be. I rarely watch regular tv anymore unless it’s Shark Tank or my wife watching HGTV. The majority of what I watch now is a combination of conferences, interviews, and tutorials on YouTube; and shows/movies on iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The advantage of watching things this way is that I can watch them all on my iPhone, iPad, computer, or stream them to the TV through my AppleTV.


Waiting for the next season:

House of Cards – March 4, 2016 – Netflix

Bates Motel – March 7, 2016 – iTunes

Silicon Valley – April 24, 2016 – iTunes

Game of Thrones – April 24, 2016 – iTunes

Orange Is the New Black – June 17, 2016 – Netflix

Homeland – October, 2016 – iTunes

Portlandia – January 21, 2016 – Netflix

The Walking Dead – Netflix



UFC fights – YouTube, Fight Pass, Pay Per View, (low budget: in bars, on Periscope)

Ted Talks – YouTube, TedTalks App

Shark Tank – I watch it almost every Friday night

Life Below Zero – iTunes

SEC Football – I keep up with the Razorbacks, but not as much as I used to make time for

Saturday Night Live – YouTube clips every now and then

Late night shows: Kimmel and Fallon- YouTube clips every now and then

YouTube subscriptions and playlists – follow my YouTube page to see what I’m watching


Shows I watched every episode of:

Breaking Bad – Netflix

Friday Night Lights – Netflix

Louie – Netflix

Arrested Development – Netflix

Better Off Ted – Netflix

Downton Abbey – Amazon Prime

Sons of Anarchy – Netflix

The Borgias – Netflix

The Tudors – Netflix

Eastbound and Down – Amazon Prime

Arrested Development – Netflix

Making A Murderer – Netflix

Bob’s Burgers – Netflix

With Bob and David – Netflix

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Netflix

Wonders of the Solar System – YouTube

Wonders of the Universe – YouTube

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – Netflix

Nova Science – Amazon Prime

Survivorman – iTunes

Dual Survival – iTunes

Everest: Beyond the Limit – iTunes

Frasier – Netflix

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Amazon Prime

Seinfeld – iTunes

Entourage – Amazon Prime

The Men Who Made America – YouTube

PBS Inventors – YouTube

Countless interviews and videos of whoever I’m interested in – YouTube *** Search for a person or subject and then press the “playlist” tab. This will take you to playlists people have already made that have lots and lots of videos of what you want to watch. Get YouTube Red for $13/month and you will have zero commercials and be able to save the videos to your device so you can watch them later without wifi like if you’re on a plane or a long car trip or wherever you may be without internet. You can also search for music artists playlists and listen to the songs without having the YouTube app open. So get rid of Spotify and spend just $3 more a month to get YouTube. I did it and it has been awesome.

YouTube subscriptions and playlists – follow my YouTube page to see what I’m watching


Shows I started, but stopped after a few seasons:

Grey’s Anatomy – The first several seasons of this show were really good. I lost interest in the new characters around season 7.

The Goldbergs – I like this show and still watch it on DVR every now and then.

Yukon Men – If I’m in the “Alaska mood”, but Life Below Zero isn’t on.

Alaska: The Last Frontier – If I’m in the “Alaska mood”, but Life Below Zero isn’t on.

Gold Rush – Somewhat related to my Alaska show craze.

Jungle Gold – My interest spun off from Gold Rush. It seemed a little contrived after a while.

Girls – I watched the first season or two. May come back to it, but it’s just not a priority.

The League – Funny concept, but didn’t hold my total interest I guess.

2 Broke Girls – I think I’ve seen most of these. Funny show.

Happy Endings – I think I saw most of these. Funny show.

Mom – I think I’ve seen most of these. Funny show.

Big Bang Theory –  I’ve seen a good amount of these. Pretty funny show.

The X Factor  – Good show, but I burned out. Not enough time.

The Voice – Good show, but I burned out. Not enough time.

Modern Family – First season was really good. Just don’t watch many major network shows anymore.

Scandal – First few seasons were really good. Just don’t watch many major network shows anymore.

Transparent – Watched the first season and it was good. I just don’t have time right now.

Duck Dynasty – Lost interest. Seems too contrived and overproduced.

Parenthood – Lost interest in the storyline after a couple seasons.

House – Great show it’s just kinda the same thing over and over again.

Big Brother – Used to love this show, but it takes up too much time for me to really get into.

Pawn Stars – I still watch this sometimes if it’s late and I need to just watch something brainless.

Modern Marvels – Good show. Sometimes I watch stuff like this on YouTube.

*I used to watch some of those mindless E and Bravo shows before I made the switch from cable to more curated content. I’m kind of embarrassed that I used to watch the Kardashians and Million Dollar Listing, etc., but I can honestly say that since finding out how to watch YouTube on my tv I have zero time or desire to watch any of those shows anymore which is kind of interesting. I wonder how many people just sit and watch crap because they don’t know how to find the things they’re interested in and put them on the tv. It’s so easy to learn without reading by watching educational stuff you’re interested in with an AppleTV and YouTube.



The Wire

Fear The Walking Dead

Star Trek Voyager

Star Trek Deep Space Nine






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