My Favorite Lifehacks (Constantly Updated)

Entertainment hacks:

If you’re going to a big event or concert or something that has different sections, buy the cheapest ticket you can find and then when you’re at the event pull up StubHub right before the event starts and look to see which seats are still available. Take screenshots of several of them and sit in the best available spot the whole time without worrying that someone is going to come and claim the seat. On the very rare occasion where the person who was trying to sell the tickets decides to come to the event just look at your phone and go to the second best spot nearby. The chances of that person showing up too are even less.

If you’re going to a big event or concert you can get a bunch of assorted (different color) wristbands and take them into the event and use them to get into the section that corresponds to whatever color for the VIP section. They never check closely. Just act like you belong there.

If you’re at the dentist or the doctors office or anywhere with lots of magazines, take a picture of the barcode, address, and the name. That’s all the information you need to log into the online version of the magazine to set up the online magazine on your iPad.

Look for free or cheap entertainment in the community. Look at newspapers and websites (Chamber of Commerce and community calendar sites) to learn about free stuff or low-cost stuff like parks, hiking trails, outdoor movie showings, donation only museums (donate a dollar), and non-professional sporting events to name a few. You can go to City Hall or a nearby library and ask how to find a listing of upcoming events in the community too. A lot of times you can even get meals free just by paying attention and getting in touch with what’s going on around the community.

Join up with a volunteer program and meet new people, get involved in positive projects, outdoor exercise, etc. It doesn’t cost anything, can give you a lot of entertainment, and put you in the right frame of mind. When you start volunteering you’ll start to meet other people and get involved in other groups and maybe even come across money-making opportunities. You’ll have fun and get in touch with a lot of people and ideas you wouldn’t normally come across.

You can brew your own beer and make your own wine if you like to drink. It’s really easy and very low price. It’s also fun and you can make it exactly the way you like it. Making 5 gallons of beer or wine doesn’t take long and it’s only basic ingredients. Your friends might even get into it with you you could buy the all the equipment and they could bring the supplies and you just split the  end results.


Web design hack:

A cool way to get stock photos is to go onto Google image search and enter “inurl:stock” or “inurl:istock”without the quotes and include whatever search term you’re looking for. This’ll pull up a bunch of stock photos from people who don’t take the time to rename their stock photo files on their sites.


Travel hack:

If you’re in an airport and need somewhere to sleep a lot of times there’s no one in the Islamic prayer rooms.


Buying/Craigslist hacks:

If you’re looking to buy some stuff like clothes or sports equipment or games or whatever start off by shopping for used stuff. A lot of times you can find exactly what you want if you just go to used stores or consignment shops or Craigslist (and use the Craigslist hacks below) first before trying to find it new.

If you’re selling something on Craigslist make a few fake accounts and post pictures of what you’re selling from different angles and make a price higher than what is usual then take your real account and put up what you’re selling at a lower price than the fake accounts. Also if you’re buying something you can do the reverse of it – just make fake posts with lower prices so the sellers post lower prices because they think that’s what the market is. Also, if you’re buying something on craigslist you can use another email to lowball the seller by a lot and then use your regular email to give a reasonable offer that’s still under the asking price.

You can barter for things – like if you have a skill set approach somebody else that has the service or product that you want and ask if you can make a trade with them. The worst they can do is say “no”.


Adult life (things dad never told you):

When you’re calling customer service or a huge utility company like Comcast or something and you need to talk to somebody but you get an automated voice choose the Spanish option and press zero. This does a couple things: usually they don’t hire reps that only speak Spanish so they’ll probably be bilingual and can handle your call in English. Second, Spanish speakers aren’t usually very common in countries like India  so you’ll usually get a rep that doesn’t have much of an accent. And lastly and most importantly you usually won’t have to wait near as long.

Keep your tires full of air because for every two PSI that your tires are below the recommended level you lose about 1% on your gas mileage. Most cars are 5 to 10 psi below what the normal level should be. Thus, you can improve your gas mileage by 5% or so pretty easily. Just look at your car’s manual or the inside of your door panel to make sure that you know what you’re recommended tire pressure is and then go to the gas station and ask to borrow a pressure gauge from the gas station attendant.

Keep track of your basic home and car maintenance on a regular schedule. Just put these things in your calendar and make sure that you keep up with them instead of waiting until some stuff brakes before you deal with it – setup your monthly maintenance routine and get the stuff done where it’s needed on the day it pops up in your phone’s calendar. Doing this now will keep you from breaking down and it’ll keep tiny problems from becoming really big issues later on.


Cleaning hacks:

Everything you need to make pretty much any kind of cleaner  is included in the following list of inexpensive and non-toxic cleaning supplies. Companies are not reinventing the wheel with their chemicals. In fact, the addition of their nasty caustic chemicals is a bad thing because it’s negative for you and the family’s health. The only thing on this list that is even remotely expensive is the tea tree oil and a jar of it will be enough to last a really long time.

Things to buy:

Big box of baking soda

Washing soda (look in the laundry section near the detergents)

White vinegar (distilled is the best)

Liquid dishwashing soap (generic is fine)

Tea tree oil

A couple of glass jars (to store batches)

A sharpie or permanent marker to label the jars

Spray bottles (around six)

Some rags and sponges

The recipes for specific cleaning solutions:

Soft scrub:

1/8 of a cup of baking soda in a bowl, then just enough liquid detergent so that it mixes up to kind of a frosting consistency. Cover the sponge with it and use it to wash bathtubs and tile. You can clean your oven with it too, but wet it down first with some water, spread it all over the inside of the oven, and let it sit overnight before you scrub it off.


Take one spray bottle and put half a teaspoon of liquid soap, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 cups of water, and shake it up.


Half a teaspoon of tea tree oil and a quarter of a cup of vinegar


You can keep bad smells away by using a mist of vinegar at night in areas like the sink, trash, and anywhere else where others may accumulate.


2 teaspoons tea tree oil, 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake it up and spray it on anything with mold or mildew. Don’t rinse – just let it sit. The strong smell will go away and the mold and mildew will too.

General spray cleaner:

1/2 a teaspoon of washing soda, a squirt of the liquid detergent, and 2 cups of hot water in a spray bottle works as a great general cleaner for the walls, doorknobs, etc.



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