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Diabetic shoes

I created a website ( with a physician friend of mine to try and help people with diabetes find the right shoes at an affordable price. I’m hoping I can get the site to come up on the first page of Google. If you’re interested in search engine optimization and are curious how to get a page to rank highly in the results you might be interested in watching if I can get this to work. Of course, you also might have stumbled across this post because you or someone you know has diabetes. If so, welcome to my site and please read on. The American Diabetes Association has estimated nearly 5 million of the Americans currently suffering from diabetes will develop foot problems as a result of diabetic complications. But many people with numbness in their feet (known as diabetic neuropathy) don’t know how much risk their feet are actually under. Oftentimes it only takes a few hours to develop an ulceration on the bottom of the foot without the proper shoes.

The purpose of therapeutic shoes is to ward off complications like calluses, ulcers, or in extreme cases, amputations. These things are a real threat and should be taken seriously by all people with diabetes experiencing any numbness in their feet. Prescription diabetic shoes are made to meet strict Medicare guidelines for those with diabetic complications and fitted by qualified individuals, such as certified shoe fitters or pedorthists.

Therapeutic shoes (diabetic or otherwise) have undergone many advances in recent years including removable orthotics and/or heat moldable inserts which improve mobility and reduce risk without limiting style preferences, comfort, or support. These shoes can be made of  leather or other breathable synthetic fibers and fabrics and are designed to keep up with the latest trends in footwear, so there are no excuses for any diabetic person with neuropathy not to protect themselves by wearing diabetic shoes.

diabetic shoes
Diabetic Shoes

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