Where To Eat In Nashville

Where to eat in Nashville
My wife and I love to go out to eat when we aren't making Blue Apron or Plated meals, especially if she has clients in town. I get asked a lot about which places are my favorites or what I would recommend to someone who is visiting. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are so many places popping up all the time that it's hard to keep up. My two favorite stand-outs are Sinema and 5th and Taylor, but here's my "full" shortlist. Breakfast/Brunch: Sinema Kitchen Notes Pinewood So...

What To Do In New Orleans

What to do in New Orleans
Here's my list of things to do down in New Orleans. Please note that it was written about seven years ago so it could be a little out of date in some areas. Fun/Out of the ordinary Stuff: The Funky Butt – Jazz Music upstairs & down. Chill lounging. Funky Butt juice tastes awesome & VERY strong! 714 North Rampart Street Dragon's Den – used to be an old opium den. Cool atmosphere, live music (sometimes), cushions all over floor. 435 Esplanade 360 Bar – This place is sick. Th...