Favorite things to watch this year as of October 2017

Some quick notes about the best things I've watched this year off the top of my head. Best standup acts of the year: Marc Maron  Louis CK Norm MacDonald Best Documentaries: Command and Control - This is about the near annihilation of the state of Arkansas in 1980. I was born in Little Rock in 1982 and I had never heard of this event. Apparently, there are a lot more nuclear weapons accidents than I ever would have imagined. Highly recommend this documentary even if you weren't born in ...

Mr. Robot is a really good tv show

mr. robot is awesome
If you liked the movie "Hackers" or "Fight Club" and/or you're interested in anything about "hacking" you'll probably love Mr. Robot. The acting is really good and the show and cast have some awards to show for it. I'm on episode 4 of the second season and this show is really exceeding all my expectations. Glad I stumbled across this one. I guess I hadn't heard about it because it's on the USA Network, but strangely enough they really push the limit with F-bombs and other R-rated content. I ...

Who Is “The Blue Jean Committee”?

Fake album cover for the fake iconic 70's group The Blue Jean Committee.
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are two of my favorite comedians. I've liked pretty much everything these guys have done. And now they've teamed up to do a show full of fake documentary style shorts. I highly recommend the whole show (you can find it on Netflix and Youtube) but the coup de gras of the series is the two part season finale. The guys play founding members of an iconic (yet fake) 70's band called "The Blue Jean Committee". It's one of those things where you find yourself laughing becaus...

Fun Virtual Reality Games

Fun virtual reality games.
This game looks really fun for a party. Kind of like a real, scratch that, virtually real life Apollo 13. https://www.youtube.com/embed/C_dNn7aQbmQ Also, this next one made me think how cool it would be to have "games" (VR games) where you experience historical events the way someone at that time would have experienced them. Kind of like the whole "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" question. For those of us who weren't alive for certain big events it would be cool to experience histor...

My Favorite TV Shows

Shows I watch
I'm posting this list because I forget about shows after a while and I've been keeping a private list in Evernote for a few years so I can remember what I'm watching and when the new season comes out. Might as well make it public and if people have similar taste maybe they'll find some stuff they like. Also, it'd be cool if I eventually get some suggestions about stuff I might like as well. I make less time now than I used to to watch stuff, but I do like to binge and really plow through a seaso...

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates joint interview a month before the iPhone came out

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together at D5 Conference 2007
This was pretty amazing to watch. I somehow stumbled across this video and it's so fun to watch in hindsight. I love the comments about how much bigger of a company Microsoft is than Apple. Apple tripled their market cap in the 8-9 years that followed. I would imagine that if Microsoft had grown as much as Apple, Bill Gates would be worth over $200 Billion now (2016). It was very interesting to watch Steve Jobs and think about how he would release the iPhone a month later. Pretty fun watch.

House of Cards

Say what you want about Francis Underwood, but he is a man who knows what he wants. I was listening to a podcast the other day (Tim Ferriss') and the guest was a guy whose business and nickname is Scorpion. The man claims to have an IQ of 197 and the origin of his pseudonym comes from the fact that scorpions are notoriously docile until provoked. Most people wouldn't claim that Frank waits to be provoked for anything, but he does have a gentle nature about him that covers the cunning and ruthles...