Niche Website – Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Shoes
Diabetic shoes I created a website ( with a physician friend of mine to try and help people with diabetes find the right shoes at an affordable price. I'm hoping I can get the site to come up on the first page of Google. If you're interested in search engine optimization and are curious how to get a page to rank highly in the results you might be interested in watching if I can get this to work. Of course, you also might have stumbled across this post because you or someone yo...

3 Websites You Can Use Now To Personalize Your Healthcare

Personalized Medicine resources.
I wrote a post yesterday about the personalization of diets based on genetics and I'm really interested in all the medical advancements that are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality . . . The IBM Watson and Google Deepmind machine learning programs seem very promising when it comes to pattern recognition and crunching the massive amounts of data that a complicated "machine" like the human body requires. But I just wanted to add a couple extra resources that are out there now for peopl...

Fat Genes to Skinny Jeans: How Science Can Help You Live Longer

Fat Genes to Skinny Jeans
Let me start this article by saying this is an educational post and I'm simplifying things a lot to make it easier to follow along. This  should not replace talking to an actual doctor and/or a genetic counselor. Ok. So, everyone has genes in their DNA in order for the body to know how to build the pieces that make up our bodies. These genes have variations that tell the body to make your eyes a certain color, etc. We are all familiar with this. But did you also know there are gene v...