Fat Genes to Skinny Jeans: How Science Can Help You Live Longer

Fat Genes to Skinny Jeans
Let me start this article by saying this is an educational post and I'm simplifying things a lot to make it easier to follow along. This  should not replace talking to an actual doctor and/or a genetic counselor. Ok. So, everyone has genes in their DNA in order for the body to know how to build the pieces that make up our bodies. These genes have variations that tell the body to make your eyes a certain color, etc. We are all familiar with this. But did you also know there are gene v...

Where To Eat In Nashville

Where to eat in Nashville
My wife and I love to go out to eat when we aren't making Blue Apron or Plated meals, especially if she has clients in town. I get asked a lot about which places are my favorites or what I would recommend to someone who is visiting. This is by no means an exhaustive list. There are so many places popping up all the time that it's hard to keep up. My two favorite stand-outs are Sinema and 5th and Taylor, but here's my "full" shortlist. Breakfast/Brunch: Sinema Kitchen Notes Pinewood So...