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Diabetic Shoes
Diabetic shoes I created a website ( with a physician friend of mine to try and help people with diabetes find the right shoes at an affordable price. I'm hoping I can get the site to come up on the first page of Google. If you're interested in search engine optimization and are curious how to get a page to rank highly in the results you might be interested in watching if I can get this to work. Of course, you also might have stumbled across this post because you or someone yo...

Business Tools

These are my notes from Evernote I've been keeping whenever I hear someone talk about something cool for business. I haven't looked into all of these yet. Biz Tools: * send emails on Thursdays between 10 and 11 AM?* Yost SEO plugin Heil PR40 mic & pop filter & mixer to go into computer for podcast Pretty link Bounce exchange - create popups for free products after wa...