Tracing my possibly royal lineage

Family tree
Posting this mainly for my own clarity and collection, but also my father, sisters, neice, nephews, son, and anyone else who might find it interesting. Like many people lately, I decided to buy one of those DNA kits to learn more about my ancestry. I got a kit from and when I was registering my kit it asked me to fill out a family tree. My mom was adopted so I figured I'd hold-off on trying to tackle that side. I decided to focus on completing some of my dad's tree. I don't know muc...

Favorite things to watch this year as of October 2017

Some quick notes about the best things I've watched this year off the top of my head. Best standup acts of the year: Marc Maron  Louis CK Norm MacDonald Best Documentaries: Command and Control - This is about the near annihilation of the state of Arkansas in 1980. I was born in Little Rock in 1982 and I had never heard of this event. Apparently, there are a lot more nuclear weapons accidents than I ever would have imagined. Highly recommend this documentary even if you weren't born in ...

Mr. Robot is a really good tv show

mr. robot is awesome
If you liked the movie "Hackers" or "Fight Club" and/or you're interested in anything about "hacking" you'll probably love Mr. Robot. The acting is really good and the show and cast have some awards to show for it. I'm on episode 4 of the second season and this show is really exceeding all my expectations. Glad I stumbled across this one. I guess I hadn't heard about it because it's on the USA Network, but strangely enough they really push the limit with F-bombs and other R-rated content. I ...

Who Is “The Blue Jean Committee”?

Fake album cover for the fake iconic 70's group The Blue Jean Committee.
Fred Armisen and Bill Hader are two of my favorite comedians. I've liked pretty much everything these guys have done. And now they've teamed up to do a show full of fake documentary style shorts. I highly recommend the whole show (you can find it on Netflix and Youtube) but the coup de gras of the series is the two part season finale. The guys play founding members of an iconic (yet fake) 70's band called "The Blue Jean Committee". It's one of those things where you find yourself laughing becaus...

The First All-In-One VR Camera (And It’s Only $1,800)

The Orah 4i Live VR Camera
Hello friends, This is a quick post to let you know of a product I just heard about. The company Video Stitch is releasing a new camera for live VR video. The video is in 4k and if you sign up before April 30th it only costs $1,800. It's supposed to ship this summer and could be a really low risk way to start creating VR content. If you want to find out more information check out their website: -Justin

A VR Content Creator Conference From Your Living Room: 50+ Free Videos

Vision Summit 2016 for VR/AR Content Creators.
"Vision VR/AR Summit is an all-new (March 2016) cross industry event for artists, engineers, programmers, designers, musicians, directors and producers, hardware manufacturers and researchers. It will be a unique event focused on furthering the knowledge base of anyone developing virtual and/or augmented reality content." Here are 52 videos of talks from the conference: Enjoy!

How To Make Money With Virtual Reality

How to make money with virtual reality
The technology has finally arrived. It seems 90 frames per second was the magic number to bring true visual immersion to head mounted displays. And now the first consumer-facing virtual reality headsets are shipping this month (March 2016). With self-driving cars, 3D printers, and machine learning breakthroughs on the horizon robots are positioned to overtake the jobs of many people in the not-too-distant future. So what jobs are safe? It’s hard to say for sure, but one sector I’m recommending t...

Niche Website – Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic Shoes
Diabetic shoes I created a website ( with a physician friend of mine to try and help people with diabetes find the right shoes at an affordable price. I'm hoping I can get the site to come up on the first page of Google. If you're interested in search engine optimization and are curious how to get a page to rank highly in the results you might be interested in watching if I can get this to work. Of course, you also might have stumbled across this post because you or someone yo...

3 Websites You Can Use Now To Personalize Your Healthcare

Personalized Medicine resources.
I wrote a post yesterday about the personalization of diets based on genetics and I'm really interested in all the medical advancements that are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality . . . The IBM Watson and Google Deepmind machine learning programs seem very promising when it comes to pattern recognition and crunching the massive amounts of data that a complicated "machine" like the human body requires. But I just wanted to add a couple extra resources that are out there now for peopl...

Business Tools

These are my notes from Evernote I've been keeping whenever I hear someone talk about something cool for business. I haven't looked into all of these yet. Biz Tools: * send emails on Thursdays between 10 and 11 AM?* Yost SEO plugin Heil PR40 mic & pop filter & mixer to go into computer for podcast Pretty link Bounce exchange - create popups for free products after wa...