First off, I’m so glad you’re reading this. Hopefully we share some common interests and can turn each other on to cool new ideas, events, and topics. If so, I consider you a friend! The world is changing so much and even though it should be easier to find like-minded people there is so much information out there that it’s getting harder and harder to sort through it all. That’s really what inspired me to make this site. I realized I was becoming kind of daunted by all the new media and information being produced and passed around. This was making it hard for me to even keep track of which shows my wife and I binge-watched last year and when the next seasons come out and where. This will be a place for me to share cool articles, ideas, feelings, pictures, or whatever I feel like – with myself in a public forum so people who think like me can save some time and see what they like as well. I’m not a naturally public person, but I feel like privacy is becoming less and less possible . . . and eventually all the tiny pieces of our universe will become so spread out things will cool down to at or near absolute zero and everything that ever was will cease to exist (barring our AI brethren figuring out how to launch a new multi-verse or something). That said, my own hang-ups and insecurities seem pretty petty to say the least, ha.

On a way lighter note, as of February 2016 I live in Nashville with my wife and will be a father for the first time in June. I grew up in Little Rock and went to school in New Orleans. My wife and I love Seaside, Florida and we love to try new recipes and restaurants. I love cooking for her (we’re BIG Blue Apron fans). We also like to binge-watch full seasons of great shows, travel, and go to  museums to see cool artwork and really old things. We both like Mid-Century Modern architecture so we’re looking to buy a house in that style as soon as possible here in Nashville, but there aren’t many options like that around here. Right now we live in a one bedroom condo in downtown Nashville, which is great, but not so much with a newborn. It’ll also be fun to be able to have friends over for dinner parties and not feel cramped or have to ask them to pay for parking.

As I said on the homepage, I’m fascinated by a lot of topics, including the psychology of learning, inventions, inventors, science, scientists, great thinkers, innovators, virtual reality, new technology, critical thinking, artificial intelligence, the singularity, futurology, transhumanism, physics, quantum physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, traveling, psychology, music, melody, software, medicine, medical technology, medical advances, and the combinations of disciplines.

I like too many things to be an expert in any of them, but I read and watch interviews on or about all this stuff. I’m fascinated by people who can pick just one topic and be the best at it. I like to watch Netflix, YouTube, TedTalks, standup comedy, and I love certain websites, podcasts, shows, sporting events, bands, and movies; and I will keep the details of them up-to-date on this site. So again (for now), if you and I have similar tastes hopefully you will discover cool new stuff and let me know about stuff you think I’d like too. Here is a picture from this past September when my wife and I got married:


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See you soon, J

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